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Posted by Anna Birch on November 27, 2012

It Would Not Have Happened Without Me

I had one of those grins on my face that would make strangers wonder if: A) I’d just done something incredibly mischievous; B) I was just plain weird; or C) I was actually as happy on the inside as I was showing on the outside. It was C.  I had just delivered an executive training

Posted by Anna Birch on November 20, 2012

The Gap Between What We Know and What We Do

  It hit me while listening to a keynote session by John O’Leary last month. Opportunity and purpose collided in that moment. John was describing the gap that we, as adults, battle daily between “What we KNOW/BELIEVE” and “What we DO.” How does this gap increase or decrease in our lives when it comes to healthy lifestyles,

Posted by Anna Birch on November 13, 2012

Reflections from the Rear View Mirror

“Fine…” When did that magically become the answer to nearly every answer to every question I ask my pre-teen daughters?! This past summer,  I picked up my girls up from our Adventure Links’ camp and I was bursting to ask them them all sorts of questions about their week.  Their response, even when it didn’t

Posted by Anna Birch on November 6, 2012

Does My Solution Match?

What an adventure it is to engineer and develop solutions to solve a challenge. Just last week I had a corporate team experience the “Tower of Excellence” where each shrinking platform demanded adaptation and by the end, a revolution, in how to achieve success. Simply, the only parameters I provided were that everyone needed to be

Posted by Anna Birch on October 30, 2012

Sunrise Attitudes

“Mama, you’ve got to see this.” We took the wonderful opportunity to camp out on our property with another family last month.  The hammocks were hung and we all climbed in to our cocoons for the night. It was still dark when my daughter appeared next to me and climbed in to try to sleep