Month: February 2014

Wilderness First Responder, WFR

Adventure Links is proud to be hosting a Wilderness First Responder course this year. Among outdoor companies wilderness training courses are the norm. Companies typically outsource to various vendors who in turn provide an instructor. Average medical courses include: Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Wilderness First Responder (WFR), and some go as far as Wilderness EMT.

A WFA course is typically two days long and basically expands on basic first aid lessons with an outdoor backdrop. A WFR course is a bit heftier, averaging a week to ten days the course covers quite a bit and aims to have the participants be completely comfortable with wilderness aid. Participants tend to learn convenient techniques like creating a splint, but the wilderness side of it shows them how to do it with non-traditional materials, for example a splint might be made from a jacket, branches, and a shoelace. or an arm sling can be made from a shirt and extra tent cordage.

For most of the trips that Adventure Links runs a WFA certification is sufficient, as most groups are within an hours range to a hospital and rarely without cell service. But the comfort that some of our instructors feel with a WFR certification under their belt is unparalleled, so we made sure we could offer the course to our employees and anyone in the surrounding area looking to up their certification.