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Posted by Anna Birch on January 8, 2013

Chronicles of a Camper — Part 1

I had absolutely no idea just how many hundreds of lives would be changed with that fateful phone call on a beautiful Spring morning over a decade ago. It was a mother, an unbelievably committed, energetic, and wise mother looking for a summer camp program for her son. Little did I know that our conversation

Posted by Anna Birch on January 1, 2013

You Just Never Know…

Sometimes you just have no idea how powerful a role your child plays in another child’s life. It seemed like just another one of many play dates for my 5th grade daughter recently but this one ended quite differently! The light conversation with her friend’s mother quickly gained depth and speed when we began sharing about our

Posted by Anna Birch on December 18, 2012

Vulnerability and Leadership

Sometimes it takes a dramatic or painful event to have realizations that pierce the veil of limited understanding.  Here was one of mine… It was a beautiful June day and our facility was bustling with the return of staff and the arrival of brand new team members for another summer season.  I was finalizing my

Posted by Anna Birch on December 11, 2012

What It Takes

Do you ever catch yourself assuming the wrong things? “Leadership is not about giving it all you’ve got. It’s about giving it WHAT IT TAKES.” During a presentation to a group of business leaders, Gina Mollicone-Long said this and I’ve allowed it to permeate the many layers of assumptions with many more layers to navigate

Posted by Anna Birch on December 4, 2012

You Have Yourself

“You’re not alone, you have yourself.” In truth, I can recall the moment, but I didn’t specifically recall saying the above statement. However, nearly a year after the experience, the woman let me know the impact it had upon her past, present, and future. It was a beautiful day and she had brought an International