Bring Your Students on a Field Trip to Experience our 425-acre Classroom at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park


Bring Your Students on a Field Trip to Experience our 425-acre Classroom at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park


Explore our outdoor classroom full of hands-on activities and learn more about the ecology of the Mid-Atlantic region. With field trip programs for students in 3rd grade and up, lessons will come to life for your students at Adventure Links at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park!

Our Programs

Designed around the Virginia Standards of Learning for science, our environmental education field trip options enhance, supplement, and build upon classroom learning. Out outdoor education programs provide the hands on interactive learning by bringing students outside and swapping halls for trails. Let our instructors guide your students through our park to inspire and educate. All of our field trips are custom-tailored to your group, and we can provide an unparalleled outdoor learning experience for students in all grade levels. Pair environmental education lessons and interpersonal experiences for the ultimate field trip experience!

Youth Group Environmental Education


Grades 3-4
Introductory Environmental Education Lessons

Use an EarthQuest™ Passport as a tool to introduce environmental education lessons to 3rd and 4th grade students at Hemlock Overlook's outdoor classroom, and bring nature to life!

Environmental Education

Environmental Components

Grades 5-8
Watershed Studies, Ecology, & Landforms

Environmental education introduces students to a diverse ecosystem that coexists with the world they know, leaving them with perspective and knowledge of their natural surroundings.

NatureLink Overnight Trip

NatureLink™ Overnight Trip

3 Day, 2 Night All-Inclusive Experience with Lodging at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park

NatureLink™ is an overnight experience that gets your students outside, working together, and interacting with the environment in a way they never could in a traditional classroom.

Team Building & Environmental Education

Create a full day field trip by adding our Environmental Education Components to an afternoon of team building! Our team building programs provide a unique avenue to develop your students' interpersonal skills through programs that meet the Virginia Standards of Learning. What better way to reward students than with some time on one of our low ropes elements or 300' long zip line? Did someone say "Teacher of the Year?"

Take the next step and give your students an experience they'll never forget!

Adventure Links in cooperation with NOVA PARKS.

Our site in Northern Virginia is located on 425-acres at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park in Clifton, VA. Hemlock Overlook is situated just minutes from Washington, DC, and is managed by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. Adventure Links has partnered with NOVA Parks and is the exclusive provider of team building at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park.