Building for the elements

One of the things we struggle with here at Hemlock Overlook is dampness and humidity. Especially when it comes to our gear. Anyone who has ever spent time in Virginia during the summer can relate.
One of our winter projects has been to create a storage and supply area for our paddling gear. This Personal Flotation Device (PFD) shed is a ventilated and lockable structure, and is like a normal shed, except for a few things.
As you can see the sides are made of lattice for increased airflow. We are able to hang up to 60 PFD’s on the rack system in the rear of the shed to allow them to air dry and not be exposed to the elements directly. After the vests are dunked into a microbial solution they are hung to dry for the next days use. The rack system allows for the vests to be hung according to size.


We used 1.5 inch PVC tubes that were cut to about 20 inches. The tubes are seated into a hole that was drilled with a hole saw. After applying adhesive on the end of the pvc tube, they were tapped into place using a rubber mallet. The floor area underneath the life vest was left open to allow the water from the PFD’s to drip off and not make the rest of the shed floor wet.
Installing the roof
Determining our cuts

danny-main-Danny Stevens | Facility and Fleet Director