Two-Week Expedition Camp
July 7 - July 19


Our New England expedition is our classic expedition. This trip takes campers into New England to experience some of the best backpacking, rafting and climbing in the nation. Backpacking in White Mountain National Forest, rafting on the Hudson River and climbing at the ‘Gunks will give everybody the beautiful scenery and adventure that we are all looking for. Towards the end of the trip, we will all have the chance to give back during a Service Learning Project at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Camp Dodge!

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New England Expedition

$2,195 per trip
  • Rising 10th-12th Graders
  • July 7 - July 19
  • Challenge Course with Zip Line
  • Hiking / Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rafting
  • Tubing
  • Service Learning Project
  • Accommodations in Tents at Family Campgrounds
  • All Meals, Snacks, & S'mores
  • Transportation Between Locations


13 days, Sunday through the following Friday



Drop-off is at 2PM on Sunday and pick-up is at 7PM the following Friday at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park in Clifton, VA



Campers will sleep in tents at family campgrounds

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Day 1, Sunday

Challenge Course and Zip Line at Hemlock Overlook, Clifton, VA

After a 2:00 PM Drop Off, Campers will get to know each other and begin learning to work as a team while participating in a series of interactive initiative games and challenge course elements, including the Zip Line. Campers will then have an introduction to camp craft including Leave No Trace Principles, camp cooking, and campsite set-up, and camp out at our home base at Hemlock Overlook Park.


Day 2, Monday

Travel Day to New Paltz, NY

With everything and everybody packed into the van, the journey North begins with the first stop in New Paltz, NY. With a stop for lunch and much needed leg stretch at Spruce Run Recreation Area, campers will be able to break up the trip with some frisbee and other field games.


Day 3, Tuesday

Rock Climbing at the Gunks, New Paltz, NY

The Gunks, short for Shawnagunks, is one of the top destinations for rock climbing on the East Coast and in the country. After a quick lesson in climbing techniques and belay school, campers will be ready to take on this awesome crag.


Day 4, Wednesday

Hiking in the Adirondacks near Warrensburg, NY

 At the southern end of the Adirondack Mountains lies Warrensburg, NY, our destination for the next two days. Today we will go for a day hike to prepare us for our backpacking trip later in the week. Our two favorite day hikes in the area are Prospect Mountain and Crane Mountain, but the decision will be up to the group.


Day 5, Thursday

Rafting on Hudson River, Warrensburg, NY

Whitewater rafting in New York means taking a trip through the Hudson River Gorge. Offering Class III - V whitewater, this rafting trip will always be an exciting highlight of our expedition. Sleeping will not be hard after spending the day on the Hudson.


Day 6, Friday

Driving and Backpack Prep, Gorham, NH?

Today will be spent creating menus and going shopping for our backpacking trip that begins the following day. Campers will learn how to prepare for a multi-night backcountry trip including selecting a backcountry-friendly menu,  properly packing a backpack, and, most importantly, how to avoid blisters.

Day 7, Saturday

Backpacking in White Mountain National Forest, NH

There are few mountain ranges as scenic as the White Mountains. With plenty of backpacking trips to choose from, your instructors will pick a trip that will provide everybody with a challenge and a great reward at the end. Our two favorites, other than Mount Washington, are Kearsarge North and Mount Willard. No matter where we go, we can guarantee a view that will rival the best in your life.


Day 8, Sunday

Backpacking in White Mountain National Forest, NH

After spending the night under the stars and cooking an awesome backcountry breakfast, it’s time to hike back to the van and indulge ourselves in one of the best pizzas you have ever had. It’s the best because you were thinking about it for the whole 8 mile hike.

Day 9, Monday

Tubing on Saco River, NH

Relaxation and adventure are both priorities on this trip and tubing down the Saco River offers both. While the crystal clear water is relaxing, there are plenty of places to dip out of your tube and find a rope swing.


Day 10, Tuesday

Service Learning Project at Camp Dodge, NH

Campers will get a firsthand experience of the local ecology of the White Mountains while assisting the Appalachian Mountain Club with preserving the forest for future generations. The work that we do over the next two days ranges from to trail maintenance to habitat restoration, but will make a difference for generations to come.


Day 11, Wednesday

Service Learning Project at Camp Dodge, NH


Day 12, Thursday

Driving to Mohican Outdoor Center, NJ

The long journey to the Mid-Atlantic begins and ends shortly at the Mohican Outdoor Center in New Jersey. This center provides an ideal place to set up camp and stretch our legs. Our day will consist of a quick dip in the lake and hike up to the fire tower for a great sunset.


Day 13, Friday

Travel Day and Awards Night at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park, Clifton, VA

After the long drive back to Hemlock, we will clean and repack our gear. After a pizza party, we will have an awards ceremony and eat s’mores over one last campfire.


Trip conclusion and parent pick-up at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park.

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pack list

To make sure campers come to Adventure Links prepared, we've generated a pack lists for North Carolina.

Please Note: Campers are encouraged to bring only essential items for the trip. Campers should plan to arrive with one large duffel bag, one medium/large backpack, one small day pack or back pack, and a small stuff sack containing a compact sleeping bag. Storage space is limited on our Mini-buses, so any bulky or non-essential items may be left at base camp for the length of the trip.


  • Pack items in a Duffel Bag for bus travel (no wheels on bags)
  • Large overnight backpack for overnight hiking
  • Medium/Large overnight backpack for overnight hiking
  • Day pack/Small backpack for day trips
  • 32 oz. re-usable water bottle/Nalgene (2)
  • Eating utensils and a mess kit or sturdy bowl and cup (campers will be using to eat breakfast and dinners)
  • Sleeping bag (rated between 35-45 degrees / synthetic material)
  • Sleeping pad (recommended)
  • Camping pillow (small packable size)
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain Gear (rain jacket and rain pants – no ponchos)
  • Small flashlight or headlamp
  • Extra Batteries (2 sets)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen (at least 30 SPF)
  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
  • Towel


  • Camera
  • Book
  • Journal/pen/pencils
  • $20 for spending on program


  • Cell Phones
  • iPods
  • Electronics
  • Knives
  • Jewelry
  • Expensive Personal Belongings


Note: Synthetic materials such as polypropylene, synthetic wool, or polyester, will wick moisture away from the body, maintain warmth when wet, and dry much quicker than cotton. Synthetic material clothing is essential to comfort and safety on this expedition.

  • 1 pair - sneakers
  • 1 pair - sturdy hiking boots with ankle support (make sure boots have been broken in before the trip!)
  • Water Shoes, old sneakers that can get wet, or fixed heel/fixed toe sandals (no strapless sandals or flip-flops):
  • Camp Shoes (something comfortable to wear around camp)
  • Jacket or windbreaker (can double with rain gear)
  • Wool / fleece pullover
  • Long sleeved polypropylene shirt (2)
  • T-shirts (4)
  • Polypropylene t-shirts (3)
  • Shorts (3)
  • Synthetic material long pants, i.e. jogging pants or warm-up pants (1-2)
  • Bathing suit
  • Underwear (7)
  • Cotton socks (5)
  • Wool or synthetic fiber socks (3)
  • Cap or brimmed hat
  • Winter hat and gloves
  • Bandanna
  • Trash bag with name on it for dirty clothes
  • Gaiters (optional for backpacking)
  • Polypropylene or synthetic fabric long underwear (tops and bottoms)

Are you ready to give your teens the adventure of a lifetime?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you ready to give your teens the adventure of a lifetime?