One-Week Adventure Trip for 6th-9th Graders


One-Week Adventure Trip for 6th-9th Graders


For Summer 2020, Adventure Links is designing a new one-week expedition camp designed for our returning campers. 


This expedition is still in its development phase.


We appreciate your patience and cannot wait to see what great memories come from this new expedition!




7 days, Sunday through Saturday.


Drop-off is at 1PM on Sunday and pick-up is at 11:00AM at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park in Clifton, VA. 


Campers will camp in tents at family campgrounds at each location.


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Really Kuhl Trip

$895 per trip
  • Rising 6th-9th Graders
  • 7 Day Adventure (Sunday-Saturday)
  • Challenge Course with Zip Line
  • Team Development Course
  • Rock Climbing
  • Overnight Hiking
  • Accommodations in Tents at Family Campgrounds
  • Wild Horses
  • All Meals, Snacks, & S'mores
  • Transportation Between Locations

Are you ready to give your kids the summer of a lifetime?


We are currently out foraging for this expedition's itinerary. We do know that this expedition will have:

  • A day of team development, with a ropes course and zip-lining
  • Breathtaking, specifically chosen campsites
  • A variety of adventure activities, day hikes, and overnight backpacking
  • A trip to Mt. Rogers, including wild horses and great views

Are you ready to give your kids the summer of a lifetime?

Pack List

To make sure campers come to Adventure Links prepared, we've generated pack lists for our Appalachian Adventure Camps.

Please Note: Campers are encouraged to bring only essential items for the trip. Campers should plan to arrive with one large duffel bag or backpack, one small day pack or back pack, and a small stuff sack containing a compact sleeping bag. Storage space is limited on our Mini-buses, so any bulky or non-essential items may be left at base camp for the length of the trip.


Pack items in a Duffel Bag or Large Backpack for bus travel (no wheels on bags)

  • Day pack/Small backpack for day trips:
  • Large backpack for overnight trips
  • 32 oz. re-usable water bottle/Nalgene (2):
  • Eating utensils and a mess kit or sturdy bowl and cup (campers will be using to eat breakfast and dinners)
  • Sleeping bag:
  • Sleeping pad (recommended)
  • Camping pillow (small packable size)
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain Gear (rain jacket)
  • Small flashlight or headlamp
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen (at least 30 SPF)
  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Towel


  • Camera (Adventure Links is not liable if camera is lost or damaged).
  • Book
  • Journal/pen/pencils


  • Cell Phones
  • iPods
  • Electronics
  • Knives
  • Jewelry
  • Expensive Personal Belongings


  • Sturdy light hiking shoes or sneakers with tread on bottom
  • Water Shoes, old sneakers that can get wet, or fixed heel/fixed toe sandals (no strapless sandals or flip-flops):
  • Camp Shoes (something comfortable to wear around camp)
  • Wool / fleece pullover or light jacket
  • Long sleeved shirt (2)
  • T-shirts (4)
  • Shorts (3)
  • Long pants (1)
  • Bathing suit (2 - can double with shorts)
  • Underwear (5+)
  • Cotton socks (4)


  • Warm layers that can get DIRTY - old sweatshirts and jeans work well!
  • Boots / sneakers That can get WET & DIRTY!
  • Kneepads (optional)
  • Trash bag, labeled with name, to store wet & dirty items

Are you ready to give your kids the summer of a lifetime?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you ready to give your kids the summer of a lifetime?