An online virtual camp experience

CampCloud is now live!

This summer we are proud to launch CampCloud - a brand new adventure! We have taken the Camp Q model and expanded it as an offering for the entire season. For more information, visit our new website


If you are interested in working on the new CampCloud team please fill out an application:



How it works

Since this camp will be entirely online, a good internet connection and digital device will be vital. After registering, your camper will be placed into their virtual team, where they will remain for the entirety of the session. 


Each morning, we'll send out daily activity prompts to teams via e-mail. Campers will be able to communicate with their teammates throughout the day via Google Hangouts and get some much-needed social interaction.


Facilitators will check in with their teams via Zoom to discuss their day's events and see what the teams have come up with.

Daily schedules

 Morning - At 9am EST each day, we'll send an activity prompt that'll contain all the information your camper needs for that day.


During the day - From the morning prompt, campers can work independently or digitally collaborate with their teammates to fulfill their brief. There will be a  live Q & A for the campers to check in with each other and the facilitator. 


Afternoon - Our seasoned facilitators will call in with their teams for Power Hour, and lead a detailed, socially-interactive moment of reflection.


Evening - Campers will wrap up their days with an activity for the whole family, and get ready for the next day!


Our Sessions

Camp Q's curriculum is designed for 8 - 16-year-olds, but enthusiastic campers of any age are welcome to join!


Supplies for activities are basic items that you can find in almost any household, and you'll receive an easy list when you register.


Camp Q sessions start at $125 per household, subject to change depending on the session. 


Camp Q Sessions


The world around us is full of wonder, but how often do we really take time to look up or down and uncover a whole new realm? This session is all about exploration and discovery. We’ll shrink ourselves down to the size of ants, sail a mighty river, and even blast off to the furthest

reaches of Outer Space in the name of exploration. 



Offering some of our favorite activities at Adventure Links, this session is ideal for all-rounders. We cover everything from shelter building to engineering to team-building in an intuitive, easy-to-follow way. Get ready for your camper to show off an abundance

of new skills!



Honoring our favorite annual event, this eco-engaged session takes the essence of Earth Day and expands it over an entire week. This year marks our 50-year celebration of our beautiful planet so we're focusing on water science, nature engagement, and ways you and your family can positively impact the environment.

ecology 2


Our most advanced session yet. We'll focus on the pillars of survival: navigation, tracking, trap making, fire safety, and so much more to weather the wild or your own suburban environment. Access to outdoor space and parental supervision will be essential - we'll be teaching fire-making and honing knife skills.

fire starting 2

We can't wait to have you be a part of this brand new journey

Adventure Links in cooperation with NOVA PARKS.

Our site in Northern Virginia is located on 425-acres at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park in Clifton, VA. Hemlock Overlook is situated just minutes from Washington, DC, and is managed by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. Adventure Links has partnered with NOVA Parks and is the exclusive provider of team building at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park.