Past Clients

Check out what our past clients have to say about their experience with us.


Clark Construction

We had a GREAT time! The event set our office buzzing with anticipation before-hand and had an even greater response the week after. Everyone had a great time and we really connected the group on a different level."


Amanda Greathouse, Convergenz


Debbie Dogrul & Associates




3Pillar Global


IFC CIR Department

“We started as individuals and ended as a team”

“It forced us to both depend on and value the talents of others.”

“I thought the “Play with a Purpose” mentality made it easier to comprehend the lessons to be learned.”

“I will be a more proactive communicator and reach out to other people more often, anticipating their needs.”


-HSU Builders


J. Michael Lunsford Middle School


Custom Ink

"It was nice to have a moment away from the craziness of the office to not only spend some time socially with co-workers but also to see how we work as a team. We became aware of our strengths as a team as well as some areas where we could improve a bit."


-Natasha Jackson, FOCUS: architecture+design


Convergenz LLC


Great American Restaurant Managers

"I loved all the conversations that we had whether it related to work or not. I thought it really helped to build our team communication in a variety of ways."


-Custom Ink


Autism Outreach


Washington Metropolitan High School

“A Fantastic, mind challenging experience for our company and employees. Our team building and company bonding day is still talked about even 1 year later. We all still laugh and talk about “thinking outside the box” and how we perceive things at first aren’t always how they are. There are many ways to handle situations and problems and when you put your minds together and look at the big picture and listen to others the solution can be right in front of you. Great time had by all.”


-Cam Gordon, Capitol Companies


Friendship Children's Center


ZGS Communications

“I wanted to drop a note to say thank you for organizing yesterday’s event at Adventure Links. It was great way to meet some of the other new hires (I didn’t realize there were so many!) that I unfortunately don’t have the pleasure of seeing at my job site. It truly made me feel like we were part of a class of new hires, and it was good to hear about other engineers’ site-specific experiences, and how they are similar or different from my own. Taking problem-solving to a different arena like we did yesterday was definitely a productive and refreshing way to complement our work on the job, so I appreciated Clark incorporating it into our training process. I’ve only heard positive feedback from my colleagues who were in attendance, so I know I am not alone in endorsing and appreciating the trip!”

-Adrienne Rosenblatt, Clark Construction Group, LLC


Woodgrove High School




FOCUS: Architecture+Design




Custom Ink