Adventure Team Challenge

High Ropes Course

Adventure Team Challenge

  • GROUP SIZE: 16-50

  • LENGTH: 1/2 Day in combination with Low Ropes Course or Full Day: up to five hours

  •  LOCATION: Adventure Links at Hemlock Overlook - Clifton, VA


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welcome to the hms hemlock

Journey with you group to discover the secrets of the HMS Hemlock. Search the park for maps, gear, and safety equipment so that you and your group can safely board the ships wreckage. You'll climb aboard her towering masts and navigate the complex obstacles left behind by the pirates that once sailed the nearby waters. Your crew will be responsible for finding buried treasure and the secrets of the HMS Hemlock.

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The Adventure Team Challenge is uniquely designed to deliver a total team experience that involves both high and low elements and relies on group interdependence. Team members can be a part of the climbing crew, ground crew and planning crew. All team members are an integral part of the event. The ATC cannot be completed without all participants working together.