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Survival Skills & Orienteering

Primitive Technology & Survival Skills Course for Kids

Learn how to utilize your natural resources with Adventure Links’ Survival Skills Courses. Where else can you learn how to make fire with sticks?

Survival Skills days cover a number of scenarios where campers can depend on what they find in the wilderness.  The three survival necessities – food, water, and warmth – are addressed with trapping, solar stills, shelter construction and bow drill fires. Its not all hard work though! Survival skills days also incorporate fun games that test camper’s ability to use all their senses.

While Survival Skills is incorporated into our Day Camps, we also offer a week-long Primitive Teachings camp which goes more into depth for campers looking for a thorough exploration of the environment.

Our Survival Skills programs are run at the Adventure Links base camp in Clifton, VA.

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