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Caving glimpses a truly unique ecosystem, one that both stimulates intrigue and challenges the adventurous. Integrate environmental education and team development as you navigate underground caverns, past stalactites and stalagmites, with experienced Adventure Links field staff as your guides. With a headlamp illuminating your surroundings, you’ll find yourself otherwise immersed in total darkness, crawling, climbing and exploring the natural caverns.


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White Nose Syndrome - UPDATED June 2010

Recently, scientists have been conducting research on White Nose Syndrome (WNS), a fungus that has been causing the death of bat colonies in eastern caves, including Virginia and West Virginia.  There is no apparent threat to humans, although experts are considering the possibility that human activity is partially responsible for the spread of the fungus. Bats play an integral role in our ecosystem as pollinators and pest controllers.

Following a year long moratorium on caving in this region, Adventure Links has begun its caving programs again. As stewards of the environment and leaders in the outdoor adventure industry, we have decided to commence our recreational caving programs again, but in an informed and precautionary way. We adhere to a strict caving policy and decontamination process before and after we cave, that includes disenfecting gear as well as limiting our activities to one cave.

For further information on White Nose Syndrome, please visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service website:

Please feel free to contact the Adventure Links office at (800) 877-0954 if you have any questions or comments regarding this matter.







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