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The Value of Experiential Learning

Adventure Links strongly believes in the benefits outdoor education provides to youth. While scaling a rock wall and camping outside overnight fosters a love for nature, there are opportunities for growth, both as individuals and a team, that are unique to these scenarios.

Our programs are based on four pillars of experiential education:

  • To ignite students’ enthusiasm about their team, themselves, and their environment.
  • To immerse students in purposeful, intentional activities that engage mind, body and the environment.
  • To invest students through critical dialogue and reflection in achieving personal and community goals.
  • To inspire students to transfer lessons and seek out other opportunities to experience growth.

These objectives often force students outside of their habitual behavior. Through the praise of others and personal development, students recognize how alternative choices about learning, leadership, and team interaction can be positive experiences and integrate them into their life outside of Adventure Links.

Lessons learned in programs with Adventure Links can be adopted into your classroom or curriculum by reinforcing highlights of the trip and individual strengths revealed in each student. We also provide follow-up assessments after the conclusion of the program to help with this process.

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