Continue the Journey with Professional Coaching


Continue the Journey with Professional Coaching


Adventure Links is now offering the opportunity for you to extend and apply the learning into your day-to-day business.  Organizations leverage Adventure Links programs to gain insights into team dynamics in a fun, no-stress environment. They provide a great break from the daily pressure to deliver business results and develop a stronger set of relationships between team members.

About Extend & Apply

For those leaders and organizations who would like to go beyond the immediate benefits of our programs, we have partnered with a certified leadership coach and facilitator who will work with you before, during, and after your Adventure Links experience.  Research shows that organizations are more successful in sustaining their learning if they apply it to actual business problems and situations.

What is coaching?

Let’s face it. It is hard to be a leader in today’s environment. Organizations face more competition, the digital environment encourages us to always be available, and retaining talent is harder than ever. It seems the bar is constantly being raised in terms of expectations and results. What used to be enough is no longer sufficient. With no more hours available in a day, leaders need new strategies to be able to perform at their best without burning out.


Executive coaching is a highly effective tool for helping leaders to navigate the difficult, often stressful challenges they face. Coaches and clients establish a confidential and intentional relationship in which they focus on leadership competencies that will help move the client toward meeting their goals.

Competencies frequently addressed in coaching include:


•   Establishing and sustaining high performing teams

•   Discovering and maintaining one’s authentic leadership presence, especially under stressful conditions

•   Learning techniques for having difficult, yet honest and constructive conversations

•   Developing skills for giving and accepting feedback

•   Gaining a more strategic perspective

•  Techniques for integrating work and life, to achieve more satisfaction in both.

Team Building Extend & Apply
Ropes Team Development Course

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“Alexis facilitated a four-day leadership offsite for our team that not only met, but exceeded our expectations. She listened to what we wanted to accomplish and developed an agenda that addressed our leadership needs. She is a highly skilled and dynamic facilitator, and kept us all engaged and energized during a very intense four days... Our team is much stronger, and we have a clear path forward. We will continue to use Alexis’ skills as we start to operationalize the company roadmap that she helped us establish."  

Wayne Willis, HWC

"After only a few sessions with Alexis, I have gained clarity on my career goals and cultivated a strategy to achieve them. I attribute this quick progress to Alexis's ability to listen attentively, ask relevant and probing questions, and skillfully navigate our discussion until I hit on key points.  My new game plan is one that only I could have created, and it was Alexis's calm and judgment-free listening, aided by her years of corporate experience, that guided me through a complex web of issues until I achieved the insights I needed.  I have been much happier at work since I met with Alexis!"

Attorney at an international Washington DC law firm

"I found this to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I think it helped me reframe a lot of the challenges I was having at work and put me in a place where I’m much happier.  For me, the process served as a means by which to step back and reevaluate my career and the relationships within it, identify areas of weakness and challenges, and work through them with someone else. It was helpful to have a sounding board who could guide me through some of the challenges and suggest tools to implement."

Attorney at a Global 100 international law firm

"I appreciated the “time out” aspect of the conversations, as well as the associated time to reflect on them after the conversations. The experience “forced” me to spend some time and energy on myself. Alexis has a great style and calmness, which makes opening up, talking and sharing easy. She helped me think through issues, how I might approach them, and develop a plan to solve them. Looking forward my time with her has given me a fresh perspective on myself and how I think about the challenges of leadership.”

CEO of a Non-Profit Organization

"The changes/improvements I’ve noticed in myself is the most valuable part of this experience. These include: preparation for communication with leadership or client meetings; my ability to manage stress; my ability to impact my own mood/outlook and my ability to represent myself in a way that I feel is most advantageous for my own progression. I liked that I never felt that Alexis was trying to direct me to a conclusion that she thought was best... This encouraged some deep thinking on my part which helped me understand how I really felt about certain situations."

Consultant for Private Sector Clients

Meet the Coach

Alexis Feringa

Executive Coach & Consultant

Alexis Feringa is Founder and CEO of The Feringa Group, LLC. She provides executive coaching, strategic planning facilitation, and leadership development services to both public and private organizations. Her passion is to partner with clients to help them transform into happy, authentic, successful leaders. She accomplishes this by engaging in deliberate, intentional conversations with clients to identify and overcome obstacles that are interfering with their ability to perform at their potential.

Alexis Feringa Professional Coach

Training & Educational Background

Alexis brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her coaching practice. Most recently, she received coaching certification training from one of the top leadership coaching programs in the country, Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. Her coaching clients are leaders in law firms, consulting companies, and non-profit organizations. Prior to this, she spent more than 20 years at Booz Allen Hamilton, the last six as a Vice President. She had P&L responsibility for professional services businesses across Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and Civil Agency clients. She provided strategic planning, business planning, policy development, and program management consulting services to clients across the government. In addition, she was involved in leadership development programs at Booz Allen. She contributed to the development of the Leadership Excellence program, including a module focused on women leaders. She worked with her next level leadership to help them develop and grow their capabilities. She was successful in helping many direct reports and mentees get promoted several levels, and operate at higher levels of effectiveness. She also holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

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