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Team Building, High Adventure, & Outdoor Studies

Team Building Programs: During Team Building Programs groups are lead through a variety of different challenges and given the chance to experientially learn how they, as individuals and as a whole, can improve their teamwork and problem solving skills. Our Team Development Course is made up of a 50+ piece low element challenge course, a 300' long zipline and the Adventure Team Challenge high course. (Elementary School to Adult).

High Adventure Programs: Our High Adventure Programs are designed to help groups build group cohesion through a shared outdoor experience. During these programs individuals also have opportunities to learn new skills, push themselves past preconceived boundaries, have positive experiences outdoors and explore different local ecologies. Our typical High Adventure Itineraries include: Top-Rope Rock Climbing, Flat-Water Kayaking and Canoeing, Caving and Overnight Programs (Ages 5th grade to Adult).

Environmental Studies Programs: Adventure links offers two styles of programs that focus on developing our clients environmental understanding. Our Environmental Education Programs are designed to enhance a student's science curriculum with hands-on activities that bring their in-class studies to the natural world. A variety of topics are offered including Ecology, Landforms and Water Quality (Ages 3rd to 12th grade). Our Primitive Living Skills programs involve participants in a variety of natural living and sensory awareness skills that have been used by primitive peoples to meet basic human needs while living in wild places. Depending on the client's goals the curriculum for Primitive Living Skills Programs may also include more modern survival techniques. (Ages 5th to Adult)

Day Camp, Residential Camp,Traveling Overnights & Expeditions

Day Camp: These five-day programs are designed to give youth (8-10 & 11-14), in the Northern Virginia area, a variety of positive experiences outdoors. Instructor teams facilitate a new adventure pursuit each day and lead groups of 16 participants as they explore outdoor recreation areas in Northern Virginia and West Virginia. While working Day programs instructors have a five day work week with nights off. Daily activities are: Team building, Caving, Top-Rope Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Outdoor Living Skills, Canoeing and Kayaking. For more information click here.

Residential Camp: Campers (10-13) participate in all the traditional Adventure Links activities plus enjoy sleeping over in the cabins at Hemlock Overlook, a 235 acre regional park in Clifton, VA. During the days campers will go Caving, Rock Climbing, Paddling, learn Primitive Technology, and bond on the Team Development Course which are chosen for their unique ability to challenge each child in a fun way and bring youth together in a new environment, fostering friendships, life lessons and character growth. The evenings will give the campers a chance to make new friends around the campfire, go exploring on a night hike or have fun playing field games till dark. This camp will be the next step up for those campers who have already attended our day camp. For more information click here.

Traveling Overnight Camp: During these programs three instructors take 16 participants (11-15) on a six day road trip through areas of Virginia, West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania and facilitate different adventure activities each day. With all of their gear loaded on a bus driven by an Adventure Links instructor, the group is self sufficient for the entire week. While working an overnight program instructors are responsible for the group at all times for the duration of the trip. Depending on the itinerary an overnight may include: Top-Rope Rock Climbing, Caving, Day Hikes, Canoe Paddling and Whitewater Rafting (contracted to a local outfitter). For more information click here.

Expeditions: During these programs instructors lead a group of 13 participants (15-17) on a two-week van supported excursion that include more advanced outdoor pursuits. While working an expedition, instructors are responsible for the group at all times for the duration of the trip. Depending on the itinerary expeditions may include: Top-Rope Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Canoe Tripping, Sea Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting (we contract out to local outfitters for assistance with our advanced kayaking and rafting programs). For more information click here.


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