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If you have a question, feel free to email (employment@adventurelinks.net) or call us to discuss employment at 800-877-0954



How do I apply?

First please review our website to determine if Adventure Links suits you. Fill out our online application, where you will submit a copy of your current resume.

We will review your information and let you know if we would consider an interview. Interviews can be face to face at our site or by phone. Interested applicants may schedule a tour of the housing and facilities community areas.

More interviews for summer positions will continue to occur up to the end of May. back to top?

Schedule & Employment Periods

When you are hired, your contract will explicitly describe your beginning and ending work dates. A normal work week will consist of 5 days unless on an overnight or expedition. Please indicate in your application or interview process if you’d like to work more than the general summer schedule.

Pre-Employment Requirements

Before your arrival, Adventure Links requires all new employees to take and pass a drug test and agree to a criminal background check. Employees will also be subject to random drug tests throughout their employment with Adventure Links. back to top?



Where is Adventure Links?

We are located in Clifton, Virginia at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park. Clifton is in Northern Virginia, approximately 45 min from Washington, DC. The park is over 200 acres and connects to three other Regional Parks making a total of around 4000 acres. The small town of Clifton is five minutes down the road from camp and has a few restaurants and post office. The Northern Virginia area offers a range of different grocery stores, international restaurants and any things else you may need within 20-30 minutes from the site.

Dulles International Airport (IAD) is closest to camp, we can make arrangements to pick up staff from Baltimore-Washington (BWI) or Reagan National (DCA) if needed, but we would prefer if staff fly in and out of Dulles. back to top?



What programs are offered in the spring and fall seasons?

The client base for spring and fall is made up of School Groups, Community Groups and Adult Groups the majority of which book our one day Team Development Course. There are also some multiday adventure programs that are typically 1- 3 days long; however there are a few itineraries that are up to a week long. Instructors may be scheduled to work any day of the week, but typically there are no programs on Sundays. A typical work week will include three to five days of programming. During select weeks in the season instructors may be scheduled to work more than five days in a week or less than three days. When this is the case, the administrative team will try to provide staff with hourly work or time off.  back to top?



What types of programs does Adventure Links lead during the summer?

All of the following programs run simultaneously most weeks of the summer.

Day Camps run weekly, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Residential Camps run weekly, Monday through Friday. Instructors are responsible for their group for twenty- four hours a day for the duration of the camp.

Overnight Camps run weekly Sunday through Saturday afternoon. Instructors are responsible for their group for twenty- four hours a day for the duration of the trip.

We also offer expeditions that run for two weeks at a time.. Instructors are responsible for their group for twenty-four hours a day for the duration of the trip. back to top?

What is the summer schedule?

Our summer camp programs begin in Mid- June and ends at the end of August. Employees who have prior work, or school, commitments at the end of the summer will be given some flexibility with departure dates. Please call if you have questions about employment dates. back to top?

Will I be working all of these styles of programs?

New Lead Instructors will spend most of their summer facilitating Day Camp, Residential Camp, and Traveling Overnight Camps. New Assistant Instructors will spend most of their summer working Day Camp, Residential Camp and maybe one or two Overnight Camps. New lead instructors with a significant amount of outdoor leadership experience may also be considered to lead an expedition. All instructors may be asked to assist with the “Contract Programs” that we lead for schools, community and adult groups. back to top?

What happens on a Day Camp?

Our Day Camps include kayaking and canoeing, caving, rock climbing, primitive skills, and challenge course. Each day of the week is designated to each adventure activity. Our instructors facilitate all of these activities.back to top?

What happens during Residential Camp?

Our Residential Camp is very similar to the itinerary for Day Camp with the extra component of a traditional sleep-away camp. Campers participate in all of our core adventure programs along with evening campfires, night hikes and games, then spend the night in one our bunkhouses. back to top?

What is an Overnight Camp?

Our Overnight Camps utilize similar adventure activities as our Day Camps, but they may also include: mountain biking, whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, or an overnight canoeing section. They are self-supported adventure road trip that travel to areas in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Students and Instructors travel in a bus driven by an Adventure Links Staff member that is equipped with all of the necessary outdoor gear. Our instructors facilitate all of the activities excluding whitewater rafting, where they take a secondary role to the river guides.back to top?

What is an Expedition?

Our Expeditions have similar activities as Day Camps and Overnights, but they include a 3 night backpacking component. Also depending on the expedition it may include whitewater kayaking, whitewater rafting or sea kayaking. They are also a self-supported adventure road trip. Students and Instructors travel in a 15-passenger van or mini-bus.back to top?

What are “Mountain Staff” and “Adventure Coordinators”?

These are two staff roles for our Day Camp program. Both roles work together to lead a week of Day Camp programming. back to top?

Mountain Staff have an 8:00am-5:00pm workday. They prepare all of the gear for the day’s activity (i.e. set up top rope climbs, load and unload canoes and kayaks etc). back to top?

Adventure Coordinators take on the added responsibilities of managing the pick up and drop off portions of the day and drive the bus to the adventure site or ride the bus with the participants. An Adventure Coordinator’s day tends to run longer than an 8:00-5:00.back to top?

What will my work hours be?

If on Day Camp you can plan on typically working 8am to 5pm (including camp preparation and camp clean-up). For Residential Camp and Traveling Overnight Camps you will be required to work the entire length of camp, 24/7 as well as the necessary time for preparation and clean-up. On Expedition Camps you will be working the 14 days, 24/7 as well as the necessary time for preparation and clean-up. back to top?

What should I wear to work?

Each staff will be given 2 staff t-shirts at the beginning of the summer and this will be required uniform for all our camps. Also, please refer to the pack list and remember that we are a professional organization and we meet with parents and other program contracts. back to top?



What is staff training and what will be covered?

Staff training is designed to help staff members develop the skills necessary to lead quality Adventure Links programs. Staff members are trained to facilitate Adventure Links curriculum and lead all of the adventure activities that we use. We will also cover: risk management, behavior management, and age appropriate programming.  Staff training is a fun and memorable experience that helps each member of the team get to know one another better, and it’s the first step in developing a united bond between our staff. back to top?

When does staff training start?

Spring Season Staff training starts in March and will run through for two weeks. Summer Camp Staff Training starts in June and runs for two weeks. We ask that staff members who live on site arrive early enough so that they have time to move in prior to our kickoff dinner that evening. Staff members who arrive before the first day of training, we just ask that you let us know an approximate date and time. back to top?

What hours will I work for staff training?

Expect to work long hours for staff training, as there is a lot of material to be covered. back to top?



What will be my living situation?

We offer a couple of different housing options, depending on the length of your contract. For the three season staff who are moving here from out of town, we have dorm style rooms in cabins around the center. All rooms are shared with another staff. Summer staff will be staying in large canvas platform tents that you share with a tent-mate. We provide bunk beds and mattresses; staff should bring their own sleeping bag or bedding. We suggest that you bring Tupperware bins for your clothing because of the outdoor environment. Lanterns and headlamps are very useful. There is a large bathhouse that all staff will share, and lockers are provided to store your toiletries. back to top?

Our “Staff Lounge” is a common living area, with a TV, couches and Internet access. There is also a common area that is used for dining and staff meetings. The Staff Kitchen is equipped with all the necessary cookware and table ware and each staff member has their own refrigerator space and dry food storage bin. back to top?

Living in this outdoor setting with a community of peers is a unique life experience and it is often a highlight of the summer for our staff members.back to top?

Does Adventure Links provide food and other living supplies?

Adventure Links provides food during residential camp, traveling overnight programs, expeditions and during designated special events. Other than that, you are responsible for your food. There are variety grocery stores in Centreville, Fairfax, Burke and Manassas and there are plenty of farmers markets in the area as well. Adventure links also provides toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and dish soap with the facility, but you must provide your own hygiene and cosmetic supplies such as soap, shampoo, and other toiletries. back to top?

Will there be internet access?

Yes, wireless internet access is available. back to top?

Can I bring my pet?

In the past we have allowed staff to bring pets. This has led to many issues and therefore we will no longer allow staff pets. back to top?

Am I allowed to have visitors?

Visitors are allowed during non-camp hours. Please check with directors for prior approval of visitors. This is a requirement. back to top?



Will I need my own vehicle?

Personal vehicles are recommended but not necessary. We are in somewhat of a remote area so a personal vehicle is something of convenience. For programming you will have the use of company vehicles. For some of the programs, you’ll also be riding or driving a company bus or van. back to top?

What do I bring?

After being hired a packet of information will be sent to you containing a packing list for the summer and other paperwork. This pack list will detail out any necessities or otherwise. back to top?

Will I need to bring my own gear?

You will not need your own gear for Adventure Links programs. We do recommend you bring any gear you may have for personal and staff trips as our equipment may be used for these purposes but are primarily meant for programming. Personal use of A.L. equipment is free of charge. back to top?

What will my contact info be while working at Adventure Links?

Address: ATTN: Your Name Staff
Adventure Links
13220 Yates Ford Rd
Clifton, VA 20124

back to top?



When do I get paid?

The pay period is set up on a bi-weekly basis. For this reason, please be prepared to receive your first pay check three weeks after arriving and your final check after your last day. back to top?

Is there auto-deposit for my checks?

Yes. back to top?

Will I get Pro-Deals?

Yes, Adventure Links has pro-deal accounts with a variety of different outdoor gear companies. You will receive information on how to sign up for these upon arrival. back to top?


800-877-0954 - www.AdventureLinks.net
13220 Yates Ford Road
Clifton, VA 20124