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Leaders position for and drive success
Managers position for and respond to success
Passengers hope for success

It is likely that most people, at some point in life or in career, have experienced leadership from one of the above vantage points.  Leadership is dynamic and can occur in phases, movements, leaps, and initiatives. The understanding and mastery of one’s own leadership architecture plays a strong role within an organization.  We guide individuals through a process of understanding their personal leadership architecture and where it may fit within the Leadership Succession Model.  Call or email Adventure Links today to design a Leadership Training Program for your organization.

Self-directed Leadership- the commitment to a goal, project and ability to access the drive within oneself to participate fully in the achievement of such a goal.  Hard working, dedicated and driven employees help to achieve success on a mission critical path.

Team Leadership- the intricacies of guiding a team of direct-reports demands that a leader expand the construct of leadership into expertly blending and aligning the skills, constraints and objectives of a group.  “Giving it your all” is an honorable trait, but this level of leadership takes self-initiative to the next level and commands strategic thought and organization in managing the human momentum behind organizational projects and paths.

Organizational Leadership- creating the organizational foundation while simultaneously striving toward a strategic vision makes this tier of leadership a complex and exciting architecture.  Aligning the organization and individuals while driving an intense passion to achieve shared goals requires a diversity of skill sets, coaching qualities, and personal mastery.


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