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Experiential Education Philosophy

In an increasingly “plugged-in” and “standardized” world, it is becoming more and more imperative for students to experience and activate their education.  We believe strongly in the power of intentional experience and the potential to process and apply lessons learned outside the traditional classroom.  Through carefully designed experience-based curricula, Adventure Links has had notable success guiding students of all ages through this process.

Our model for experiential education is four-fold:

  • To ignite students’ enthusiasm about their team, themselves, and their environment.
  • To immerse students in purposeful, intentional activities that engage mind, body and the environment.
  • To invest students through critical dialogue and reflection in achieving personal and community goals.
  • To inspire students to transfer lessons and seek out other opportunities to experience growth.

Experiential education is a young and growing industry that has endless inherent benefits.  Students focus on character development, creativity, problem-solving and initiative taking.   They also develop a keen appreciation for the natural world and its resources through direct experience in the field.  These programs have affected students of all kinds—from summer campers to corporate groups, youth groups to people with disabilities.

The potential energy and success driven by experiential education is inspiring.  Our mission at Adventure Links is to provide a dynamic, challenging, open and safe environment for our students. By working with individuals like you we are hoping to diversify our programs and reach more people on a personal level.

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