Leadership Team

Staff are in the order they began their adventure with Adventure Links

anna birch

Anna Birch




Started AL: 1997


Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin


What I miss about my hometown: Cheese curds that are so fresh they squeak


Dream vacation: New Zealand


Where did you go to School?: University of Minnesota (Double major in Child Psychology and English)


Weird/Hidden Talent: Roller Skating (on the old school skates)

austin birch

Austin Birch




Started AL: 1997


Hometown: Monroe, Indiana


If you weren't working what would you rather be doing?: Farming


Weird/Hidden Talent: Perfect imitation of Barney, and Elmo.


What you miss about your hometown: Wide open skies.

adam trautenberg

Adam Trautenberg


Operations Director


[email protected]


Started at AL: As a summer instructor in 2010, then full time in 2012.


Hometown: Miami, Florida.


Where did you go to school?: University of Central Florida.


Hidden Talent: I worked for a balloon company in college and can make pretty much anything out of balloons.


What do you miss about your hometown?:Thunderstorms in the summer.

rachel doody

Rachel Doody


Program Director


[email protected]


Started at AL:Full time in 2009


Hometown: Dayton, Ohio


Life goal: to visit all 58 National Parks (so far I have 23)


Dogs or cats?- One of each please


Weird Talent: I can reach far away objects because my wing span is 3" longer than I am tall.

danny stevens

Daniel Stevens


Facility and Fleet Director


[email protected]


Started at AL: 2014


Hometown: Burke, VA


Dream Vacation: Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina


Hidden Talent: I can play drums (kind of)


Pets? 2 Mutts, Bella & Mojo

ashley suntheimer

Ashley Suntheimer


Group Program Manager


[email protected]


Started at AL: as an instructor 2011, full time 2014


Hometown: Wild woods of Newport News, VA


Interesting facts:

I started out as a Criminal Justice Major and thought I would go into Law Enforcement

Did not Like to get dirty or sweat when I was younger

I watched Harry Potter Movies every night for an entire year 2011

If you weren't working what would you rather be doing?

Paddling, Climbing or both at the same time.


Where did you go to school?

Radford University Class of 2010 and George Mason


Weird/Hidden Talent(s):


Does melting chocolate on a plate and eating it count, I can do that like a pro

Crocheted a T-Shirt Rug

anna kim

Anna Kim


Office Manager


[email protected]


Started at AL: Summer 2014


Hometown: Burke, VA


If you weren't working what would you rather be doing? Thru-hiking the Baekdu-Daegan, which runs along the entirety of the Korean peninsula.


Where did you go to school? The College of William and Mary


Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? TBD, but I'd like my tombstone to read: "Survived the dead, but not life."

ryan dale

Ryan Dale


Northern Virginia Summer Camp Director

[email protected]

Started at AL: as an instructor 2014, full time 2016

Hometown: Manassas, VA

Dream vacation spot?

As of now is a tie between Greenland and Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador.

Favorite band at the moment?

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Dogs or cats?

Dogs (all of them)

eric newman

Eric Newman


Program Coordinator


[email protected]


Started at AL: as an instructor 2013, full time 2016


Hometown: Fort Collins ,CO


Cats or dogs?

Basset hounds


Favorite band right now?

Possessed by Paul James


What I miss most about my hometown?

No humidity. And family, of course


Sarah "Sharkweek" Miller


Assistant Camp Director


[email protected]


Started at AL: 2012


Hometown: Baltimore, MD


Interesting Facts:

  • Have a Master of Arts in Education.
  • Climbed Devils Tower with strep throat.
  • My cat is named Alice after Alice Neel, my favorite painter.


Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls


Where did you go to school? Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)


If you had a superpower what would it be? Telekinesis, so that I could move poorly parked parallel cars.

alice west

Alice West




[email protected]


Started at AL: 1997


Hometown: Sumter, SC


Interesting Facts:


•Father was in the Air Force, and Mother in the Army


•A former dairy farmer


•Night Owl


•2 Daughters: Jessica and Brianna


Favorite TV Show: Elementary