About Us

About Us


There is a magic, an exhilaration, and a potent significance that comes from knowing you've made an impact in someone's life. In 1997, my husband Austin and I founded Adventure Links with a resolute passion that profound experiences can uncover courage, build community, and inspire connection. The dream was built alongside the depth of patience we were granted from our two daughters (with TWO entrepreneurs as parents)! They now relish in their Adventure Links' experiences and know, firsthand, the significance of building this community and family. We proudly embark on our 17th year of Adventure Links and thank our community of dedicated followers and impassioned staff who possess an artful ability to reach the hearts and adventurous spirits of thousands to truly make a difference. This is our life's purpose and we are privileged to have found it!

-Anna Birch Founder & CEO

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Our Core Values

Play With Purpose

Launch Personal Journeys

Uncover Courage

Celebrate Place, Tradition, and Memories

Outdoor Education

As a company, Adventure Links has a deep understanding of the positive social, emotional and mental outcomes of time spent in the outdoors. The pivotal effects of experiential education, outdoor challenges and group team building provide the backdrop for individual and team development. Through our experiential programs, we design incrementally more challenging itineraries that keep participants returning for more extensive leadership experiences. The changes and success stories born from outdoor education are as inspiring as the mountains and rivers we visit.

Our Model

Adventure Links' programs strive to challenge the individual, develop teamwork and empower the participant to protect the environment. We create positive learning cultures and challenge ourselves to be on the forefront of outdoor educational practices. Our staff is motivated to educate youth in the outdoors. They create experiences that provide the back-drop for individual and team development through the use of high adventure, environmental, and team building activities during our summer camps.

adventure links model